Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Shaa whose real name is Sarah Kaisi is a bongo fleva musician whose latest hit SUGUA GAGA, the first after being signed to MKUBWA NA WANAWE, is the talk of the town.You can download the audio hereDOWNLOAD SHAA—SUGUA GAGA :
Shaa is not new in bongo fleva.She used to be a member of Wakilisha. She has other songs like SHOGA YANGU, LAVALAVA and her collaboration with Quick Rocka and Ngwair,MY BABY .See her beautiful face..
She has something to smile about this season after her new video, SUGUA GAGA, reached more than 20000 views within the first three days after being made available on YouTube. Under her new recording contract with MKUBWA NA WANAWE, Sugua Gaga, as her first video under new management, carry scenes taken from Magomeni in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania.You can always watch this video here now..UNFORTUNATELY THE PREVIOUS LINK WAS BLOCKED DUE TO COPYRIGHT ISSUES BETWEEN SHAA AND GOOGLE, BUT AFTER RESOLVING THE ISSUE, YOU CAN NOW WATCH THE VIDEO BY CLICKING THESE WORDS NOW